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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


As of today I have made a promise to myself to get fit. I am eating healthy, and started the Insanity challenge.

Insanity program is no joke, it really pushes your body to its limits, its tuff, which I like because I love something that challenges me and is different everyday. It's suppose to be a 60 day body changing program, which by the workouts is definitely possible.

I wake up at 5:45am and pop on the DVD and work out to one of the DVD according to the day, then shower in head off to work. Morning seems to be the only time I can fit in my schedule to workout since I work and come home to spend time with my son and husband. I really want to stay on this routine so hopefully for my birthday in November I can look real nice in a sexy dress. That's my goal!

I follow the 3 day diet which has really worked for me in the past. If your interested I will post the link below along with the program I'm on.


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