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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Recap..

Hope you all had a great and safe Halloween. As for me it really did not go as I expected.. We got all dressed up and by the time we made it to Queens to the club, we were to late. :( Me & my sister were so devasted, and upset. We ended up just going back to my place and ordering food, and watching Kardashians on Netflixs..
Sunday, I took my lil man trick o Treating around the neighborhood, it was so cute to c how he went from place to place with his little bucket. He is growing so fast.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Outfit of the day & Halloween costume

Good Morning Everyone,

Up early this morning, feeling great and ready to take on this weekend. Yesterday me and hubby went out to do a lil shopping and ending out gettin another halloween costume(ladybug) & Hubby got his Super Mario game for Wii. I snapped a few quick pics this morning of my outfit but in parts, didnt have anyone to take the pics for me.
Don't know which costume I am wearing Saturday & Sunday but I will be taking pics. I'm so excited to take my lil man trick o treating with his lil vampire costume.
Can't wait!!!!

Wearing-Old navy sweater, Regular white tank under, Black tights, and Guess boots(tjmaxx), Guess Jacket (tjmaxx), F21 earings.

Hope you all have a safe & Happy halloween!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Great Weekend...

Morning beautiful ppl... hope u all had a fantastic weekend as I did.

Did alot of shopping with the Hubby and my son. We took advantage of those great Old Navy deals, stocked up on sweaters and cardigans, and jackets. Def fell in love with my sons leather jacket..

I found a great Guess jacket at TJmaxx which retailed $180 but bought it for $60. Great deal if you ask me + very cute style.

Also we finally got our halloween costumes at Ricky's NYC. My son will be a lil vampire, and as for me I decided to got for the Light up Alice in Wonderland costume. Think it will look hott at the club when it lights up.

I will be posting pics of the sweaters and cardigans I got tomorrow. Look for that soon

Monday, October 18, 2010

Smoothie/ Spongebob Weekend

Good Morning Beautiful People..

This weekend I just spent it home with my two loves cleaning, and decorating Chris's room with spongebob theme, I bought a Spongebob Table cloth and cut out all the Spongebob's and taped them up all over the room, with the extra cloth we covered the inside of his drawers.. Just to show you a little creativity goes a long way.

Yesterday after cooking, we got a crazy idea to make smoothies. We mixed up a few different berries, a lil orange and Apple juice with ice & sugar and waaalaaa...Berry smoothies

This weekend we are going costume shopping and a lil Fall shopping too. Expect pics from that..Also have a date to see Paranormal Activity 2.. the first one creeped me out to the max.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Scarves...under $13

A key piece for Fall & Winter is a Scarf. They come in all colors and styles, and with the right one you could transform your outfit or add a touch of color. All of the one's featured in this post are under $13 and available online. Enjoy.. til text time my fashionistas..
... Mimz...

Forever21- $5.90

Forever21- $6.80

Forever21- $8.80

Forever21- $8.80

Old Navy- $8.00(Variety of Colors Available)

Old Navy- $12.50(Variety of Colors Available)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Couple Costumes

Hello my dear followers,

Me n Hubby have been discussing to dress up as a pair this halloween. But rather buy them I rather make them if time allows me.. I went straight to youtube to see what they had to offer, gladly I came across GiannyL, I have been subscribed to her videos for a while now. Love her creativity and her easy D.I.Y clothes. Check out a video of hers below.

What are you guys considering dressing up as?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Good Afternoon to all.

I'm here about to dig into a delicious cesar salad wrap via work. :) I have been so sick due to all this crzy weather we been having here but trying to get back in the rhythm of blogging. Today I decided to take you on a tour of the place I'm at Mon-Friday 8-5, My Job!

I work in a trucking company, my title is operations manager, I set up appointments, do payroll, and even a little bit of billing & yes it does get crzy at times. I am the 2nd female in the company, everyone else men, so we def gotta set up our game.

"My desk" where I spent most of the time, answering phones, typing info and youtubing, facebook surfing.

Second angle of my desk, lots of orders, but trust me this is nuthing usually thier is way more.

The wall of shame, all pics from past halloweens and company events.

All I do is for my lil man. Can't believe he will be 2yrs old in November, super excited about his party

Friday, October 1, 2010

October = Halloween Madness

Halloween, one of my favorite holiday's. I already can't wait to start making my costume and taking Chris trick-o-treating. This year I am planning to make my own costume. I really have been captivated by the idea of Poison Ivy this year. I love the red hair and sexy green combo. For Chris I'm thinking lil vampire.
What are you dressing up as?????

Really can't wait. I havn't really been shopping or buying any cosmetics lately, ever since the whole move. Starting next month I am thinking about making my blog bilingual (spanish) I would like to reach out to my hispanic community.

Below are more pics from the birthday weekend with a few close friends.

My sis, bro, crystal, maribel, carlos, hubby & me

Something about this pic I love, like I feel the love.