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Monday, October 18, 2010

Smoothie/ Spongebob Weekend

Good Morning Beautiful People..

This weekend I just spent it home with my two loves cleaning, and decorating Chris's room with spongebob theme, I bought a Spongebob Table cloth and cut out all the Spongebob's and taped them up all over the room, with the extra cloth we covered the inside of his drawers.. Just to show you a little creativity goes a long way.

Yesterday after cooking, we got a crazy idea to make smoothies. We mixed up a few different berries, a lil orange and Apple juice with ice & sugar and waaalaaa...Berry smoothies

This weekend we are going costume shopping and a lil Fall shopping too. Expect pics from that..Also have a date to see Paranormal Activity 2.. the first one creeped me out to the max.

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