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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Good Afternoon to all.

I'm here about to dig into a delicious cesar salad wrap via work. :) I have been so sick due to all this crzy weather we been having here but trying to get back in the rhythm of blogging. Today I decided to take you on a tour of the place I'm at Mon-Friday 8-5, My Job!

I work in a trucking company, my title is operations manager, I set up appointments, do payroll, and even a little bit of billing & yes it does get crzy at times. I am the 2nd female in the company, everyone else men, so we def gotta set up our game.

"My desk" where I spent most of the time, answering phones, typing info and youtubing, facebook surfing.

Second angle of my desk, lots of orders, but trust me this is nuthing usually thier is way more.

The wall of shame, all pics from past halloweens and company events.

All I do is for my lil man. Can't believe he will be 2yrs old in November, super excited about his party

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