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Friday, November 19, 2010

Preparing for the festivities...

Happy Friday to you all.. Feeling extremely drained and exhausted but making the best of my favorite day of the week. As some of you know, today my son turned 2 years old. I want to take this moment to express how happy and emotional I am that Chris is turning 2 year old. Everyday he surprises me on how much he learns and how fast he is growing, and never seems to fail at makin me laugh or smile just by looking at that cute dimple smile. So proud to me his mommy and lucky to have such a beautiful son.

Tomorrow is the big day, Christophers SpongeBob party. I have been at work all week with filling pinats, making goodie bags and wrapping prizes. Today I have party favors, chocolate apples, and the food. So much to do but thank goodness I will have my sister and my mom to help me. Can't wait to post up pics so you guys can see all the things I have created along with all the things I have bought.

Next week will be all about me.. Yup I'm turning 23!! Got my b-day dress and can't wait to go out with the gurls..

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