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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Busy &Crzy weekend..

Hello again to all of you.. Hope you had a better weekend then I did.

Where to begin.
Saturday I spent the day with my sister and son shopping in the city, mostly for all the party supplies for my son's birthday, which is next weekend..I'm running short on time, but I guess I work better under pressure.

I went to Party City & bought the invitations, a few decorations, and then somehow ended up in Old Navy, took advantage of the 50% off jackets sale, and bought a yellow coat. My jacket is so bright & I love it. Check them out online. sale still going on.

To my surprise when I arrived home my kitchen was full of water due to a pipe burst in my kitchen ceiling.. Finding a plumber on a Saturday nite was a mission, but luckily got 1 and they welded away. Hoping today the ceiling gets patched back up.

Sunday I spent it in my mothers house watching movies. We watched Inception, and Twelve. Both great movies, check those out.

Well that was my weekend, I'll update you guys on the party planning, along with my birthday plans, turning 23 on Nov 23.. yay!

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