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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jeans 101

Trouble finding the perfect jeans that flatter your body, I know I do. Here are a few tips to help you find those great jeans to make you look your best.

Waist length- Try on your jeans and make sure your stomach isn't being exposed over the waistband. Bend over to pick something up, if your back is exposing to much skin then go for a higher waistband.

Hips & Thighs
- Avoid jeans that give you that famous camel toe effect. Lets face it its uncomfortable and unflattering.

Booty- Test out your jeans, walk around a little and sit. Your jeans shouldn't be saggy and all loose after sitting for 5 minutes.

Tailor your Jeans- If wearing with low shoes such as flats, jeans should sit low on the ankle but above the ground. If wearing with heals, jeans should cover enough backside of shoe.

Flap pockets-add volume, good for a small backside
High pockets- make your backside look up
Low pockets-make your backside appear bigger, draws eyes downward
Far apart pockets- fake appearance of wider hips
*Avoid no pocket jeans. makes you look wider & highlite imperfections

Hope this post helped. Below are a few websites and brands that carry different types of jeans.

Boyfriend jeans- American Eagle
Bootcut jeans-Levi's, citizens of humanity, Jessica Simpson, Gap
Skinny jeans- J brand, Jessica Simpson
Curvy ladies try- apple bottoms, Not your Daughters jeans


Anonymous said...

i so agreee with you maam =] i also have trouble with jeans this helped love u cussooo

Mimz said...

luv u tooo