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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

E.L.F. Cosmetics???

A friend of mine told me about Elf Cosmetics and how they are sooo inexpensive & when I mean inexpensive I mean most things their are under $3. I decided to check their website & to my surprise the prices were Great, but wasn't sure if the quality could be as great as the price. Finally made a purchase, spent about $40 and got a lot of things. Purchased a few brushes from their regular($1 each) and Studio collection ($3 each),eye shadows, concealer, lip sticks, eye liners. You could really create great looks from their pallets. (demos coming soon)

To my surprise they were actually really great products & great brushes especially for a buck. I wouldn't so much buy the waterproof eye pen, goes on light and black looks brown, go more for the liquid eyeliner if your a liner girl. Check out their website, give it a try.

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Anonymous said...

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